Student Work

Student Work: Ruben Griffioen

Wed 21 Jun

Ruben Griffioen, a third-year student of Leisure & Events Management at WdKA, is making waves in the creative industry as a project leader during his internship at CMNITY. This innovative content creation studio, situated in Rotterdam West, is renowned for its role in facilitating, inspiring, educating, and connecting creatives.

CMNITY's primary objective is to provide a nurturing space where individuals can bring their ideas and receive guidance through workshops focused on networking, entrepreneurship, financing, and network management. Additionally, CMNITY offers reduced-rate access to various resources to support creative projects.

In recent times, CMNITY has been actively involved in the establishment of a new program, collaborating with prominent organizations in Rotterdam such as Quardin, Cult North, Makers op Zuid, and productiehuis flow. Together, they have built a platform to train and empower CMNITY's creatives, enabling them to thrive as true professionals within the industry.

As a project leader at CMNITY, Ruben's responsibilities include conducting thorough research on target audiences. To reach recently graduated creatives in Rotterdam, Ruben proposed the organization of a community event—a showcase that would demonstrate CMNITY's essence and activities.

The highly anticipated showcase event, happening on June 21st will include several highlights, including an opening presentation, live photo shoots in the studio, live podcast studio recordings, engaging panel discussions with grass-root initiatives in Rotterdam's creative sector, and plenty of networking opportunities. Check cmnity for more information.

Looking towards the future, Ruben aspires to assist individuals in their personal growth journeys while fostering strong ties with the creative industry: “Many creatives often lack the necessary know-how to navigate the complex landscape of funding, subsidies, and organizational and financial aspects. My ultimate goal is to connect individuals, empowering them to realize their most ambitious projects”, says Ruben.