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Meet Our Tutors: Robert van Raffe

Robert van Raffe
Mon 25 Mar

What is your branch of knowledge, subject?

I am an Illustration and theory teacher. And a Course Leader of WdKA Illustration department.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by paradoxes. One of the subjects that has inspired me since my own studies at the WdKA is the history and philosophy of dandyism. Dandyism is one of the most paradoxical subjects I know.

What defines you as a tutor? Your strongest points?

I like to point out to students that we are using expressions such as USP as a tutor and human resources and make them think about that. Language is not neutral. This also goes for visual language or for every product of design really. I am an illustrator and a comic artist and I have studied continental philosophy, I like to think this combination gives me a unique perspective.

I am inspired by paradoxes.

What is your dream/goal as a tutor?

To get mocked, questioned or challenged by students in an intelligent or funny way (because they can only do this when they pay attention, understand what I am talking about and have the creativity to do something new with it themselves).

Name one item from your bucket list?

I don’t have one. I can’t even handle a simple to-do list. And don’t those lists usually contain items like “travel around the world” and “jump off a bridge with a rubber band tied around my ankles”? I don’t want to do things like that. I do want to stay alive and stay fresh. Keep getting better at what I do.

Whom would you call true innovator?

I am thinking of a strange and paradoxical character. The aseptic pioneer of male hygiene; a pioneer of social norms and behaviour in urban society; an asexual, androgynous creature who has according to some democratised male dress and according to others created a new kind of exclusive elegance. There is a lot of debate around the myth that is Beau Brummell - the first dandy. I think what we can say with certainty is that he was one of the first people who were famous for being famous.

Photography: Vincent Quak