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Meet Our Tutors: Selçuk Balamir

Selçuk Balamir
Sat 12 Sep

WdKA is delighted to welcome Selçuk Balamir, who joins our team of tutors in the academic year 2020-2021.

Selçuk Balamir is a postcapitalist designer, commoning researcher and climate justice organiser. He works at the intersections of creative production, radical politics and ecological transition. He specialises in strategic communications, community building and making social transformation irresistible.He has helped develop Climate Games, a transmedia action-adventure event enabling peer-to-peer disobedience, and Shell Must Fall, the grassroots campaign targeting shareholder meetings of the carbon major. He is among the initiators of the shared social housing projects NieuwLand, a postcapitalist urban commune, and de Nieuwe Meent cooperative, which is entirely organised around the principles of commoning. His PhD research in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam is on commoning practices in postcapitalist design. He is currently a BAK 2020 Fellow researching intersectional tools for political activation.

What is your branch of knowledge and subject?

I am theory tutor in New Earth / Social Practices, political agent provocateur in eco-social design.

What is your source of inspiration?

The movements fighting for Climate Justice. Disruptive troublemakers on the frontlines, resilient life defenders at the grassroots, and generous caregivers behind the scenes: together we dream, together we move, together we fight, together we change, and together we build. All my hope, all my trust and all my resolve springs from this togetherness weaved through struggles across continents.

What defines you as a tutor? Your strongest points?

Being a tutor is a new experience and a title for me. Relevant subjectivities that I inhabit are designer, commoner, strategist, facilitator and community-builder. I make people laugh, but I’m never really sure if they laugh with me or at me.

What is your dream/goal as a tutor?

I’d like to become a tutor who inspires students to take sound, daring and exemplary positions, leading us to and through the great transformations ahead. If successful, the designers of this decade’s rapid, just and comprehensive transition will be remembered for generations to come.

Name one item from your bucket list?

I have yet to find ways to cause lasting and irreversible reputational, logistical and financial damage to fossil fuel companies.

Whom would you call true innovator?

Past social movements that gave us the rights and freedoms that we take for granted. Think peasant uprisings, slave rebellions, abolitionists, suffragettes, pacifists, labour movements, resistance movements, civil rights, gay rights, just to name a few. They have all caused disorder in their times because they were all coming from the future.

Header image: photography Nora Börding