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Levien Nordeman

Levien Nordeman
Tue 4 Dec

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I am a tech-humanist and teacher. I help students to understand how digital media (data, social media) work so they can become better, critical and creative teachers and designers.

What inspires you?

People who break and shake things up (Alessandro Baricco, for example), philosophers who like to do things, and doers who like to think about what they do, books, metaphors, television shows, policy reports, weird tweets.

What is your USP as a tutor?

I like to bring life into seemingly dead subjects, add some dramatic tension and am always checking with my students: is this relevant for you? Do you understand me? What can I do for you to understand? For me, communication is the core.

I challenge my students to continuously ask questions, dig deeper and find out how they can make data and technology relevant to their own practice.

What is your dream/goal as a tutor?

In my opinion, education is about creating moments that both my students, as well as myself as a teacher, don’t expect or foresee. In-depth discussions about data and social media, insights into how to write a really good essay, understanding what it means for my students to become a professional designer.

Name one item from your bucket list?

Life is not a series of experiences that can be ticked off, I think. But I could be wrong ;-).

Name a true pioneer.

Media theorist Geert Lovink. He relentlessly keeps on writing about what he envisions what (social) media can be in our society. His way of writing is really inspiring.

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