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Meet Our Tutors: Joseph Hughes

Joseph Hughes
Fri 18 Jan

Name, the branch of knowledge, subject

Joseph Hughes, tutor at the Drawing Station.

What inspires you?

In my autonomous work (which directly feeds into my commissioned work and teaching) I search for the absurd in the logic of common languages and objects. Inspiration comes to me in subtle changes in the norm, in perspective, from the smallest details of occurrences. I guess just looking at things sideways and questioning how they are represented before any ‘awe’ inspiring visions...

What is your USP as a tutor?

With students coming through the Drawing Station my focus is on ideology and visual communication. That is the science of ideas; the study of their origin and nature, rather than their common association within economic or political theory or policies. I’m not really selling myself ;-) I’m a pretty holistic and haptic thinker and maker, that dynamism I bring to everything I do here in the Academy.

What is your dream/goal as a tutor?

My goal posts are always shifting, however, generally speaking: to apply myself in a way that translates my experiences and knowledge to the highest advantages of others.

Name one item from your bucket list?

A spade.

Name a true pioneer.

I have come across so many in my formative years. Aldous Huxley, Alan Watts, John Berger, Philip K. Dick, Michael Majerus, Joseph Beuys, Brian Eno, blah blah blah... If I had to pick just one then I guess it would have to be: Buckminster Fuller. The less I say about him the better, so here’s a quote:

I'm not a genius. I'm just a tremendous bundle of experience.