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Joël Paalvast

Joël Paalvast
Thu 10 May

Name, the branch of knowledge, subject

Joël Paalvast, tutor Leisure & Events Management and WdKA events manager.

What inspires you?

Over the years I have discovered a clear line in the projects I organised or coordinated. There was always a clear educational part in it. My wide interest for architecture, city culture, music and art gives me the opportunity to absorb all this information and my practical approach makes it possible to extract a programme format and produce it.

My curiosity is nothing if I can’t share it. Organising these programmes and events and being a tutor at Leisure Management make my profession interesting and constantly reflective.

What is your UPS as a tutor?

I am never satisfied with the result of a project and am convinced that the research is never over. Not in my own profession, my critical attitude makes that I can never be at ease. For a long time, I had no idea what to do with all this information or attitude. Now I know! I give it back. I share all my experiences and try to be really strict with my students. I work hard together with them in order to achieve the best they can! Sometimes, students can be reluctant, but as a tutor once told me: “a good event is never good enough”.

What is your dream/goal as a tutor?

To create an environment where students from different departments work outside there major frames on presenting their projects and research in different programme formats. A real platform for students!

Name one item from your bucket list?

There is no bucket list.

Name a true pioneer.

I don’t believe in placing someone on a pedestal. I think it is more interesting to reflect on the outcomes rather than persons.