What I've Learned

...from Our Startup

Tue 25 Apr

Hardslag Events

We are Hardslag. A group of five guys who study Leisure Management. We are now in the second year of our study. Hardslag started when we realised we all have the same ambition about the dance event scene in the Netherlands.

What did you learn during this project?

We learned that you can produce some surprising results when you work as a team with a shared vision. All our team members have their own interests within the dance scene. We combine all our interests and experience into a well-functioning team.

What didn’t you expect to learn, but experienced as a bonus?

We all really enjoyed the ‘spare’ time within the education programme. We have lots of time besides the lessons in the classrooms. This gives us much more time to work in the field. We all think that this kind of education works well for a student company.

We combine all our interests and experience into a well-functioning team.

Yoshi Cohen, on behalf of team Hardslag Events

Did you gain any insights that can be used in your further life and study?

When we started Hardslag we didn’t know what would happen. We got to a great start with the company, and we’ve developed a small community that supports us in our ideas and visions. The insight that we gained is that we really don’t want Hardslag to be just a school project, but an actual event company.

What kept you awake at night?

Whether we would even succeed with our first dance event. We didn’t know whether people would like our event. We worked hard on it and in the end the guests were pleased with the results. Form this point on we started to work on bigger events. Our next event will be in Toffler on Liberation Day in Rotterdam. We’re really looking forward to this event. Toffler is a well-known club in Rotterdam and we’re proud to produce our next event there.

What was the greatest obstacle?

To dare to take the risk of trying to produce an event that costs an amount of money you don’t have. It’s scary to invest in something. You don’t really know what the outcome will be. But we use our experience to realistically consider investments in events.