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Meet Our Tutors: Ine Poppe

Ine Poppe
Sun 12 Jan

Ine Poppe is a writer, teacher, journalist and artist. She went to art school in Utrecht, was an intern in Hamburg and studied Dutch literature in Amsterdam. Became internationally renowned for her project Mother's Milk Cheese in the 80-ties, of which documentation photos are still exhibited today. Poppe was an internet art trailblazer: together with photographer Jetty Verhoeff, she produced Women with Beards, portraying 'power women' in one of the first internet calendars.
Poppe wrote the tv-script for Necrocam: Death online, directed by Dana Nechustan (award for best European drama script EBU- 2002). She made tv-programmes and wrote scenarios for computer games and worked on interactive projects (Waag Society, Teylers Museum, Submarine). Poppe directed Hippies from Hell in 2001, a documentary about the group of hackers and activists that introduced the internet in the Netherlands. In 2008 she produced and directed Them F*cking Robots about electronic art pioneer Norman White. In 2017 she wrote the script for Floris Kaayk The Modular Body, that won a Dutch Emmy (Gouden Kalf). Her most recent documentary is Teeth, about the cultural meaning of human teeth and how art dealt with it in roughly the last 3000 years. In 2018 Poppe created chatbot PIP, a piece of software that talks about love and made a sound installation of it for the successful in Eindhoven. Ine Poppe lives alternately in Amsterdam, NL and Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (follow here her Brexit observations).

When it comes to art: I do like an obsessive, punk, critical, idealistic, DIY approach

Name, the branch of knowledge, subject

Ine Poppe, artist, tutor Hacking / Autonomous Practices

What inspires you?

Let's start with this line of questioning: to me, inspiration seems an outworn and much too broad concept to generate any meaning in this context. As a teacher at an art academy, I am looking for a more direct, specific and especially less hackneyed framework for my contribution to the students work. But.. when you insist on me complying to this terminology, here is my answer: when it comes to art: I do like an obsessive, punk, critical, idealistic, DIY approach.

What defines you as a tutor? Your strongest points?

To be able to stimulate students to teach me as a tutor about their life, the way of thinking, frustrations and passions. That's what makes teaching great for me. It is a mutual pact with your students, a two-way expedition.

What is your dream/goal as a tutor?

My goal as a tutor is to have a good time with the students.

Name one item from your bucket list?

I do have a bucket, but no list.

Whom would you call true pioneer (innovator)?

By googling the word pioneer I have come across a Guardian article: "Be a pioneer, delete Facebook"(Jaron Lanier). After that, I have stumbled upon the ‘poet of the strip mall and the lakeshore, bard of Pabst and gas stations and gutted cigarette machines, Adam Fell’, who named his collection of poems "I Am Not a Pioneer". And I also have found a post: OH NOT AGAIN PIONEER! But that had to do with a bad file-sharing product for D-jays. So this is my point: pioneering is not that cool and my favourite artist could be you.