Student Work

Graduation Series: Flora Lamy

Mon 15 Apr


Flora Lamy, a graphic design student at WdKA, embodies a fusion of creativity and social consciousness. Originating from France and nurtured in the scenic landscapes of southern Norway, Flora's educational journey led her to the vibrant city of Rotterdam. In her upcoming graduation project, Flora is creating a magazine dedicated to ethical fashion, leveraging her passion for graphic design and sociology.

What is the focus of your graduation project?

"I'm developing a magazine centered on ethical fashion, aiming to spark conversations about sustainable alternatives to fast fashion. Through interviews with industry pioneers and explorations of fashion's societal impacts, I aim to create a platform for dialogue and awareness."

What motivated you to pursue this subject?

"It stems from a personal interest, closely tied to my minor in power play. I've always been passionate about sociology, and magazines present a compelling medium to influence consumer habits. The relevance of the topic and growing peer interest further fueled my decision."

How did you conceive this idea?

"The concept emerged intuitively, simmering in my mind since last summer. It gradually took shape during minor projects, where I delved into related themes. The more I explored, the more convinced I became of its potential impact."

What stage are you currently at in the process?

"I'm knee-deep in research, immersing myself in academic texts and conducting interviews. Each interview adds depth to my understanding and guides the visual direction of the magazine. It's an intense process, but one I'm fully invested in."

Do you feel pressured by the impending graduation?

"Absolutely. The passage of time weighs heavily, and the desire to produce something meaningful drives me. Yet, I view this as an opportunity for unfettered creativity, a chance to realize my vision without constraints."

What aspect of your project are you most excited about?

"The prospect of seeing the magazine materialize excites me the most. After envisioning it for so long, witnessing its transformation from concept to reality will be very gratifying. Additionally, observing the collective culmination of my peers' projects adds to the excitement I feel."

Conversely, what concerns you the most?

"Uncertainty looms large. Contemplating life post-graduation and navigating unfamiliar territory is daunting. However, the prospect of embarking on a new chapter, filled with possibilities and growth, is equally exciting."

How has your journey at WdKA shaped your artistic development?

"WdKA has been instrumental in shaping my identity as a designer. From a novice with minimal arts education to a seasoned artist with a clear vision, the journey has been transformative. The interdisciplinary approach and emphasis on social causes have amplified my creative arsenal."

Reflecting on your growth, what's the most significant change since your first year?

"Assertiveness. Initially reserved and uncertain, I've learned to take initiative and assert myself. The chaos of the first year has given way to a new clarity and confidence in my abilities. Each project in my WdKA journey has been a stepping stone, honing my skills and refining my interests. Through all of these experiences, I've discovered my passion for editorial design, laying the groundwork for my graduation project.”

What are your plans post-graduation?

" I’m considering further education, possibly a master's program in a different environment. Alternatively, I'm open to exploring opportunities in creative agencies, where I can contribute my skills to commercial and socially impactful projects."

Finally, what are your dreams for the future?

" To work within a dynamic creative environment, surrounded by like-minded individuals, and contribute meaningfully to both commercial projects and social causes. Ultimately, I aspire to leave a positive imprint through my designs."