Graduation Series: Denisa Volakova

Fri 3 May

Meet Denisa Volakova, a Product Design student from Prague, Czechia. With a love for basketball and an affinity for sculpting, Denisa's journey at the WdKA has been one of self-discovery and creative exploration. As she approaches graduation, Denisa's focus on confronting childhood fears through her artwork promises to bring a unique perspective to the world of contemporary art.

What is the focus of your graduation project?

"My graduation project revolves around exploring the concept of horror vacui, the fear of empty space, through sculptural installations. I aim to create an immersive experience that challenges perceptions of emptiness and invites viewers to confront their fears."

Why did you choose this subject for your graduation project?

"The idea for my graduation project emerged organically from my childhood fear of emptiness and my innate urge to create. Through my artistic journey, I've realized that confronting this fear is essential for my personal growth and artistic expression."

Do you feel pressure graduating?

"Yes, definitely. Graduating comes with its own set of pressures and uncertainties. I want to create something meaningful and impactful, something that reflects the culmination of my four years of learning and growth. There's also the stress of what comes next after graduation, but I try to stay focused on the project at hand."

What are you most excited about?

"I'm most excited about the process of creation; the experimentation with materials, the research into horror vacui, and the hands-on work with clay. Embracing the freedom to explore and innovate is key to keeping the creative process enjoyable and fulfilling."

What are you most scared about?

"My biggest fear is not finishing on time or not achieving the desired outcome. Working with clay can be unpredictable and fragile, and there's always a level of uncertainty about how the final piece will turn out. However, I try to channel that fear into motivation and focus on problem-solving."

How did your years at WdKA shape you and your artistic development?

"My time at WdKA has been transformative, reshaping my understanding of product design and expanding my artistic horizons. The autonomy and freedom to experiment with different materials and techniques have been invaluable in shaping my artistic identity. I've gained confidence in myself and my abilities through trial and error."

What is the biggest difference between you now and first year?

"The biggest difference is the level of confidence I have in myself and my art. When I first started, I was insecure and uncertain. Now, looking back, I see how much I've grown and learned through experimentation and perseverance."

How did these years prepare you for this last project?

"The autonomous nature of the teaching at WdKA has been instrumental in preparing me for this project. Learning to take responsibility for my work, plan effectively, and approach projects from multiple perspectives has equipped me with the skills and mindset needed to tackle complex artistic challenges."

What are your plans after graduation?

"I've applied for some master's programs, particularly interested in exploring sculpture and fine art direction. Beyond that, I plan to continue creating and experimenting, striving to become an independent artist like Anton Alvarez, whose work has inspired me."

What are your dreams?

"My dream is to become a successful, independent artist, exhibiting my work in galleries and sharing my creations with the world. I value the freedom and creativity that comes with being an artist, and I hope to continue pursuing my passion while making a meaningful impact through my art."