Student Work

Graduation Series: Beyza Demirci

Tue 2 Apr

Beyza Demirci, a 25-year-old Fashion student, is on the brink of graduation. As she prepares to transition from student to professional, we sat down with Beyza to chat about her experiences, inspirations, and aspirations as she nears the end of her WdKA journey.

What's your graduation project all about?

"My graduation project is still taking shape, but it's focused on how our surroundings influence us and the changes we make as a result. I'm comparing it to natural erosion, exploring how events impact us and how that translates into fashion."

What got you interested in this topic?

"It all started with a project on erosion and textiles during my minor. I realized how much our personal experiences shape our designs. This time, I'm starting with textiles and building my collection around them, exploring themes of change and adaptation."

How has your time at WdKA influenced your artistic journey?

"WdKA has been a game-changer for me. I started with tailoring but broadened my horizons to conceptual design. I've learned to find inspiration in everyday life and I've become more interested in digital fashion and future design practices."

What challenges have you faced with your graduation project?

"Finding the balance between research and hands-on work has been tough. I'm more comfortable with the creative side, but nailing down my research question has been a bit tricky. I'm working on making it more relatable and impactful."

What are you most looking forward to with your graduation project?

"Definitely the fashion show! It's not just about showcasing my designs but also about the entire journey leading up to it. Seeing everything come together will be incredibly satisfying."

And are there things that you worry about?

"Research, for sure. I worry about running out of time and getting stuck in the process. I tend to overthink things, which can slow me down. But I'm determined to push through and make it work."

What's next for you after graduation?

"I plan to start by working for a fashion brand in Rotterdam or Amsterdam to gain some experience. Eventually, I'd love to start my own modest fashion brand, focusing on quality, sustainability, and inclusivity. My dream is to create a modest fashion brand that offers stylish yet comfortable clothing for everyone. I see a gap in the market for high-quality, ready-to-wear pieces that cater to diverse tastes. Through my brand, I hope to empower people to express themselves through fashion."