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Graduation Series: Anna Liebermann & Bonne Steinz

Mon 25 Mar

In this chapter of our graduation series, we dive into the collaborative journey of Anna and Bonne, two Animation students who are merging their talents for their final project at WdKA. In this interview you can read everything about their project and collaboration.

Bonne & Anna by Christóbal Pereira

Can you tell us about your graduation project, how did the idea for this project start?

Bonne ( director, 27): The inception of our project began in the summer vacation. It's been a personal learning journey for me, a narrative reflecting on my experiences in managing connections with others and taking responsibility for them. Transformed into a childlike metaphor, our story revolves around a tower filled with fragile items, visited by guests who handle them too roughly. It questions the intentions of the visitors and the impact of their actions on the tower. It's about playing with materials and exploring the visitor's impact on them. Hence the title, "Olifant in de Porseleinkast" (Elephant in the Porcelain Cabinet).

Anna (producer, 36): Coming from Switzerland and having lived in the Netherlands for 13 years, my journey took a different turn. After feeling unhappy in the hotel sector at 30, I rediscovered my passion for art. Five years ago, I began exploring illustration, and during the pandemic, I realized animation was my calling. After a minor in Switzerland, returning was tough. Eventually, I didn't start my graduation project last year. In the summer, I met Bonne while searching for a producer. Since then, we've been engrossed in storyboarding and pre-production, understanding the mammoth task of animation.

Do you feel a personal connection to the story?

Anna: Personally, I've just emerged from an intense period. Both mentally and physically. Being hurt and having to start over, figuring out how to rebuild, resonates deeply. The story aligns with my experiences—the external forces (elephants) causing damage to fragile materials symbolize the challenges of rebuilding connections after feeling hurt.

Bonne: This story is deeply personal to me. It really is something I wrote from my own personal experiences with friendships, relationships, connections. It’s such a beautiful experience to now, through this film, see my inner world come to life and be able to share my story with others.

What excites you most about your project?

Bonne: Witnessing the set come to life! Building the intricate details and then seeing the magic of animation unfold—those moments will be unforgettable.

Anna: Honestly, I look forward to graduating and working in the industry. There's pressure, but completing this project signifies a personal triumph. It's been a challenging journey, but it's shaped me profoundly.

Do you feel the pressure of graduating?

Bonne: Absolutely. Our graduation film is our debut in the industry. We want it to impress and pave the way for future projects. It's nerve-wracking, but we've started early and are working efficiently.

Anna: Graduating is a significant milestone. While there's uncertainty, our education has equipped us with industry insights and connections, offering some reassurance.

Where are you in the process now?

Bonne: I started this project already last summer and worked on it during my minor too. So before collaborating with Anna, I already created an animatic exploring the characters and emotions. Our collaboration has refined the narrative, simplifying it to its essence. Anna brings depth to the story, translating emotions into tangible visuals. Also, we just launched our Voordekunst campaign. We hope to reach our goal to be able to gather resources, and constructing the set. Hopefully, we'll start shooting in a month, balancing pre-production and production seamlessly.

Anna: The preparation and shooting of the film a very intense process, as we must ensure that each frame aligns with our vision. Every element must contribute to the narrative cohesively, as reshoots aren't feasible.

How have your years of study prepared you for this project?

Bonne: This is my largest project yet. While the academy provided guidance, I've shaped my path, following my instincts and refining my ideas.

Anna: The connections forged and the exposure to industry practices have been very valuable. Collaborative assignments have improved my teamwork skills, vital for projects like this. I really feel like the challenges and failures I have experienced at the academy prepared me for the process ahead.