What I've Learned

...During Digital Craft Minor

Tim Reuser
Wed 21 Mar

Digital Craft focuses on authorship and appropriation – the act of making something your own. Here, appropriation means not only reusing technologies, but also pushing them beyond their standard uses. The goal is to invent your own media, and to do so with conceptual and technical rigour. In Digital Craft, students acquire and share concrete skills for working with both digital and analog media; they continuously refine their ideas, experiments and techniques through a ‘can do’ working ethic.

Why did you choose to follow this Minor?

I chose the Minor Digital Craft for its structure. It offers a good balance between theory and practice. In my way of working, hands-on experimentation is a very important tool to reflect on ideas. This Minor hosts a similar approach while providing an interesting field to frame your work.

What were the most valuable discoveries?

As the project was quite complex to realize all by myself I had to enter into collaborations from which I have learned a lot. It helped me bringing my work to a next level.

Did you gain any insights that can be used in your further life and study?

Thanks to this Minor I have discovered a theme that really inspires me: humans in relation to nature and technology. I intend to explore this theme further through creating artistic works.

What kept you awake at night?

Not knowing whether the installation would communicate my idea well enough. An idea may seem logical and whole in your mind, but only when you present it to the audience you will know if you succeeded.

Reconstruct video

New Tree, Tim's Digital Craft Minor project.

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