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Cesare Davolio

Cesare Davolio
Sun 10 Mar

Your branch of knowledge, subject

Illustration and  Animation

What inspires you?

I am inspired by my colleagues and my family who challenge my assumptions and help me see the world in a different way; when possible, I like to collaborate because I learn a lot from working together with other inspired people.

What is your USP as a tutor?

As a freelance illustrator and when I design and direct for animation, I always try to empathise with the subject matter and what it needs to be communicated. As a tutor, I hope to share my passion for visual communication and enable the students to find their unique standpoint in developing their own practice.

As a tutor, I hope to enable the students to find their unique standpoint in developing their own practice.


What is your dream/goal as a tutor?

I see the academy as a huge multi-media agency where different disciplines and expertise are brought under one roof. I would really like to foster that energy to create a new collaborative project on a yearly basis: a publication, an animation, or a mixed media project that is 'Made in WdKA', initiated and produced by students and tutors.

Name one item from your bucket list?

Apply for funding and direct a medium length animation. Publish a graphic novel.

Name a true pioneer.

Bruno Munari was an Italian artist and designer that has contributed to many fields of visual design. His playful vision and curiosity is a great inspiration. I also recently discovered the work of Gunta Stoltz, her role in the Bauhaus school in the transition between pictorial arts and modern industrial design was fundamental. Both artists seem to work with humble materials and techniques, but their vision is unique.

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