5 days of intens development

The individual educational coaching is provided in Dutch or English.
All the communal lectures design and study advice sessions, are in English.

5 Saturdays, 10:00 - 16:00 h. (UTC+1)

Takes place ones per year


  • An introduction day with playfulintroductory assignments
  • Learn how to work process-wise and develop better ideas.
  • Develop a strong portfolio
  • Preparation for the remote admission
  • One appetizer Art & Design
  • Brief orientation on the WdKA’s professional specializations (majors)
  • Practical assignments within a professional specialization
  • Six short assignments to prepare yourself for the admission
  • Three study advice / information sessions
  • Portfolio advice consultation
  • Lunch

Investment:  € 450,-  not including dummy and materials

Explore your talents during the Offline Courses M, which takes place during five Saturdays. You have an open attitude. You know what you want. You want to convince everyone off your talent but you are not quit sure yet. Get to know the Willem de Kooning Academy. Experience the teaching methods. Gain a clearer understanding of the various professional specializations and the structure of the curriculum. Work on developing a strong portfolio.

Let our experienced tutors help you make the right choice. Sink your teeth into playful introductory assignments. Learn how to work process-wise and develop better ideas.. Broaden your frame of reference through a short assignments. Discover how your own areas of interest can lead you to creative solutions. Learn to reflect upon your own work, develop a self-critical attitude, and make your best work ever, which you will assemble into a convincing portfolio. Be prepared for the remote admission. Learn how to provide others an understanding of your creative process using a ‘dummy’ and visual research. Practice your presentation skills during a portfolio advice consultation. The Offline Course M by no means constitutes a guarantee of admission, but provides you in a short time a good opportunity, to prepare yourself for the Academy and admission.

What will you be learning during the OFFLINE Course M?

The first day of the course begins with an introduction about the structure of the course and three introductory assignments, to get to know each other. You will then further develop your own (visual) areas of interest through self-elected assignments based on your own previous work. Already here you will be choosing your professional specialization: the major. The study advice / information sessions will help you to make the right choice. The emphasis during the first part of the course is on short exercises, assignments and creative strategies, which will help you arrive at high-quality, original visual solutions. Idea development, the visual process plays a key role in this regard. How can you further develop and implement your ideas using a variety of creative methods? You will be conducting visual research focusing on your own areas of interest.

Watch video Seven Shephard

Technical skills in this context are considered to be a means rather than a goal. The focus is on learning by doing. The practical lessons are supplemented with one appetizer Art & Design and short workshops. You will be introduced to contemporary artists and designers, who can serve as inspiration for your own ideas and your own work. You will be compiling an image bank to facilitate your own work. During the final series of lessons, you will be finishing your practical assignments within the major of your choice. Here you will be applying everything you have encountered and learned during the first part of the course. In the meantime, you will also be assembling your portfolio. A portfolio advice session concludes the Offline Course M. The remote admission procedure takes place separately from these lessons. It is your own responsibility to register for the admission procedure.

General terms and conditions

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