Winners XR Awards | Immersive Tech Week 2022

Fri 9 Dec

On Friday evening, 2 December, the very first Student XR Awards were presented at the closing event of Immersive Tech Week. With these student awards, Hogeschool Rotterdam wants to give new creators an encouragement to continue their groundbreaking research in this new field of digital, immersive technologies.

The jury led by chairman Roshan Neja, VR storytelling expert and working at the WdKA, had the difficult task of selecting the winners. Neja: 'What stood out was the diversity of works and the enthusiasm with which these young makers set to work in an uninhibited way with new media to tell stories in a new way. All the works showed great social commitment and each time managed to touch and deal with urgent issues from a surprising angle. It takes a lot of courage and guts to do that.'

Besides Neja, the jury consisted of Sander Veenhof (AR expert) Anita Abaisa (IBIAS VR) and Jan Verwoerd (360Fabriek). Together with Zakia Guernina, board member Hogeschool Rotterdam, four awards were presented. WdKA alumni and students won three out of the four awards!

Category: Most inspiring work
The winner in the 'most inspiring work' category is Philip Malmgren, Fashion Design student at WdKA. The jury report: 'Malmgren stimulates the imagination with his work FET(A)ISH and investigates a plausible future scenario about human primal needs. He does this with an unconventional attitude. In this work, design provokes thought and self-examination. It is a maker who knows how to depict an abrasive subject with great daring and boldness.' Learn more about his work here.

Category: Best autonomous project
Vincent Boon, WdKA alumnus, had the honour of showing his graduation work Diary of a Shapeshifter all week in the 'Church of VR' programme, the most inspiring projects of the past year. The jury validated this by congratulating Boon on the award for 'best autonomous project': 'It is a work that shapes a recognisable phenomenon in a unique way. Sharp artistic choices have been made in which great attention has been paid not only to the visuals, but also to the audio.' Read more about his graduation project

Category: Immersive and Extended (VR/AR/MR combined with sensors)
The 'Immersive and Extended' award went to WdKA Graphic Design's absent alumni Nicole Colga and Edith Dingemans. About their prize-winning graduation work gURL, the jury wrote: 'Clearly, a lot of research has been done and the makers know how to translate this effectively into a striking design. The whole is a highly individual work that provokes thought. A good balance between the maker's own interpretation, but at the same time leaving room for the viewer's imagination.' The duo was also nominated for 'Young Talent Award 2022' of the Dutch Design Week 2022. Read more out their project here.

We congratulate all winners on their awards!


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