WdKA x Codarts: A Blind Date

Thu 15 Dec

A Blind Date is a collaborative project between Codarts Rotterdam: 3rd year students of BA in dance, students of Rotterdam Conservatory BA in Composition, and students of Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

“A Blind Date!” is a project in which creative dancers, composers and fashion/visual artists collaborate to investigate a common theme. The students are divided in 3 groups/teams during the creation and realization of individual pieces.
In this collaborative project each student plays an active role during the entire working process, contributing artistically, physically and participating in the production process.

The project consists of an introductory meeting followed by 2 weeks of creative process. During this period the students are guided by a feedback coaching team consisting of several guest lecturers. This feedback coaching team comments on the process, interaction, and content. The feedback team are the lecturers and guests from the field of music, dance and visual art.

The project took place during weeks ( 42), 44 and 45 in 2022
The project ended with a presentation/performance of the outcome of those 2 weeks in the ‘Theater-hall’ of Codarts on the 10th at 19.00h & 11th at 18.00h November 2022.

Missed it? Head over to our Instagram account to see more visuals of the performances.