WdKA Nominees: Circular Student Award 2018

Willem de Kooning Academy
Sat 24 Nov

In the final quarter of 2018, the Municipality of Rotterdam, Stadswonen and the Erasmus Sustainability Hub have initiated a contest for students, inviting them to come up with the city’s most circular solution. The winner of the Circular Student Award 2018 will get the opportunity to realise the idea while enlarging own network/circle in the process. Zero-Waste Meal, the project created by Dora Varga and Lotte Gerick and Circukas, created by Laurence Gijsen are on the shortlist.

Zero-Waste Meal

Dora Varga (Graphic Design) and Lotte Gerick (Graphic Design and International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies)

"We are Dora Varga (Graphic Design) and Lotte Gerick (RASL: Graphic Design and International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies). After working on the project about the visualisation of our waste using data design, Dora became inspired to work on changing her behaviour concerning her ecological footprint and decreasing of waste. Seeing this, Dora's friend Lotte became excited about it as well. We have come up with the system that is changing because your surroundings are changing, which was the starting point of our concept: Zero-Waste Meal!"

Our concept:

Most of the time we only adapt to changes if we see people close to us change. Lotte, for example, would have never adopted this zero-waste principle, was she not influenced by Dora. With their Zero-Waste meal principle, Dora and Lotte try to promote awareness right from the start. Students do grocery shopping together and cook together all the time, so why not try to make this into a challenge for the good of Planet Earth? The goal is to make one Zero-Waste meal with your friends and share this with the hashtag #zerowastemeal. By using a team of representatives, Dora and Lotte try to create the action-reaction effect which enables us to achieve as many students as possible. They hope that this challenge will be a starting point for students to do groceries in a more conscious way, and thus introduce them to the zero-waste principle.


De Circukas

The icon of the circular economy

Did you know that London city buses run on coffee grounds (bio-bean) and that the old car dashboards are used for making of the black 'ink' for 3D printers (Refill)? Chances are that you have never heard of this before. And, actually, do you know the answer to the question: 'What is the circular economy?'

My name is Laurence Gijsen and I am a Leisure & Events Management student at WdKA. I prefer to see things green and, if possible, even greener. With my concept, I would like to introduce the 'green point of view' and give the answer to the above question.

The Circukas is a transparent, educational and interactive object that attracts attention in public places like libraries, the university or events. It is made of the waste materials and is designed to stand out. This circular icon travels around and has everything in-house to introduce you to the new economy.

The Award show will take place on December 11th, 15:30

Location: Municipality Rotterdam

This event is open to the public, please register here if you would like to attend.

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