The Taste of Desire by Willemiek Kluijfhout premiering at Hot Doc 2021

Tue 23 Mar

The Taste of Desire - A documentary that examines the complexities of human desire.

The Taste of Desire by Audiovisual Design tutor Willemiek Kluijfhout will be Premiering at North America’s largest documentary fest, Hot Docs 2021, as part of the Special Presentations section (the festival’s highest profile programme).

In this poetic trip around the world, the oyster – with its sensual and lavish associations - acts as metaphor to explore human drives and desires. Linking stories of a New York burlesque dancer, French Michelin-starred chefs, a Swedish oyster diver, a Japanese pearl maker and a terminally ill English psychologist, the documentary by Willemiek Kluijfhout dives into the intricate nature of our deepest yearnings and quest for self-fulfilment.

Special note: the voice-over of the Taste of Desire is by tutor Catherine Somze.



“Desire is the most powerful driving-source in a human life. It’s the motivation. It’s what fuels us into the future. At the same time, desires are also the biggest source of frustration. As soon as a desire is fulfilled, emptiness will follow, and there is a constant need to fill the emptiness that is left behind with something new.”

The film will be released in Dutch cinema’s in the Fall by Cinema Delicatessen.

Director - Willemiek Kluijfhout
Director of Photography - Remko Schnorr
Sound on Set - Bram Boers
Film Editor - Saskia Kievits, NCE
Sounddesign & Mix - Thomas Vertongen
Music - Tuur Florizoone
Voice-over - Catherine Somzé
Producer HALAL - Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen