Student Work: 'May I tie my shoelace to yours'

Wed 29 Mar

From March 13 to 18, the exhibition ‘May I tie my shoelace to yours’ took place at Keilepand. The exhibition is interactive and questioned the traditional use of the white cube. Also, the entire space was open for visitors to co-create.

The exhibition was born out of a collaboration between art students from different academies, initiated by WdKA students Rosa and Aggie: “We wanted to set up a (temporary) collective to do this with us. We strongly believe that a bigger group, with different perspectives, is more fruitful than just the two of us. So, we set up an open call and found the others”, says Aggie.

The exhibition existed out of a huge, childlike playground in Keilepand, where different artistic practices and projects were merged: “As a group, we grew in the situation. At first, we were all more focused on our own thing. We grew towards each other and invited each other into our work. An important part of being able to do this was to stay connected with each other. We had moments built into our day to facilitate that: every day we shared a meal together and we did a check-in and check-out every day. It was overall a wonderful experience.”

Participating artists:

From WdKA Aggie Chang (@purodaaaaaaa) Sirah Haris ( Kelsey Lujan (@wearykels)

From St.Joost Nino den Hartog (@ninodenha), Roza Vermeijden (@rosalinde.sterre), Lili Struik (@lili.struik), Elody Dijkstra (@elodyluna), Linde Roza (@lindejasmijnroza) and Sam de Lange (@opzichwelsam)

From KABK Zela Odessa Palmer (@zelaodessa)

Photo credits: Aggie Chang, Linde Roza, Kelsey Lujan and Hannah Sternfled