Statement - Independent External Investigation

Sun 22 Nov

Over the past few weeks call outs have been made on different channels on social media. The Academy was also mentioned. Reading the different messages and stories has let us understand even better that not all students feel themselves heard in their own institutions. The posts have an impact on all of us and the messages emphasises that we continually need to examine the safety of our community.

In order to ensure a safe and inclusive learning and working environment, the management team of the Academy has taken several steps.

Independent External Investigation
Through different channels on social media we received complaints about inappropriate behavior within the art Academy. As an art Academy, we cannot emphasise strongly enough how important it is that everyone should feel safe during his/her/their studies or work.

In order to ensure a safe community, the management team of the Academy has initiated an investigation. This investigation will be conducted by an independent external agency, regarding the safety of the learning and working environment within the Academy.

The goal of this investigation is to gain gain a better understanding, so that any further action can be taken where necessary.

Office for Inclusivity
We have established an Office for Inclusivity. Where we will be working actively to put the topics of inclusion and diversity firmly on the agenda. This office can support existing initiatives, while developing outreach programmes, leading to new perspectives.

We will continue to use this webpage for further updates.

If you have any questions, please contact us through