2nd Year Animation + Spatial Design: Religion in Motion

Dec 19 2018

During the past months, second-year students from Animation and Spatial Design departments worked together on an exciting project. This project offered the opportunity to experiment and combine space and moving images using analogue, virtual or mixed media. Wednesday, 19 December the results of this challenge will be presented throughout the Willem de Kooning Academy. 

What is Religion?

It is an extremely difficult question to answer. People try to comprehend this subject by bringing up topics such as: the things different religions have in common, one’s journey back to faith, confronting your consciousness, and realising what your choices are based on, and thus, their influence? Come and delve into these questions yourself.

The second-year WdKA students of Spatial Design and Animation invite you to come and explore the concept of Religion in Motion through a series of diverse installations. Featuring a combination of mediums such as Virtual Reality, projection mapping and actuality, students of both disciplines come together to uncover the ways in which religion is seen and understood.

The exhibition will take place in both buildings of Willem de Kooning Academy, between 15:00 - 21:00. The routes for the installations begin at the entrances of Blaak 10 and Wijnhaven 61 buildings.