Push Awards | Business Station

Sat 16 Jul

During the Henri Winkelman Network Event, part of the Graduation Show, a new award THE PUSH AWARDS initiated by the Business Station was given out.

The PUSH AWARD helps young designers transform their graduation project into a next level professional project. The award promotes the potential of great graduation projects, and helps to take the next step in building a successful, sustainable practice. Shortly, the PUSH AWARD is a great way to launch a career and a stepping stone to win other future awards, like the Henri Winkelman Award.

The winners of the PUSH AWARD receive:

- Masterclass Entrepreneurship offered by The New Current in Rotterdam. To build up your practice, set up a network and getting great exposure

- Any Business Station consults or training you prefer

And the winners are...

Social Practices - Product Design: Lisa van der Plaetse

Jury: " From early study years on, she has always collaborated with professionals outside of the Academy. That resulted in a series of products that are innovative, super professional and a promise for the future. She breaks boundaries, does fantastic presentations and has a seemingly endless energy. She’s very inspiring to all her fellow students. Everything comes together in her graduation project: The Arctium."

Commercial Practices - Product Design: Bureau Cay / Cyrus Feiz

Jury: "This graduate designer enforces other starting designers by linking them to the professional industry. He does so by using design principles and therefor helps the economical position of everybody party participating: the starting designers, the industry and his own design company: bureau Cay. "

Autonomous Practices - Transformation Design Coded Nature / Sam Oazzouz

Jury:" This graduation project is a bio-design research project that finds applications in the medical field. Based on her research, she makes medical applications (orthoses) sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. She surpasses the prototype fase and is actively looking for collaborations and business applications."


Photography by Mick Santman