Publication Report Office for Inclusivity

Wed 13 Apr

Today the report of the Office for Inclusivity was published, together with the response to the report by the management team, both on MyWdka and on this page. You can read both via the links below.


Response to Report O4i

The management team wants to deeply thank the Office for Inclusivity (O4i), Alfie and Ali and everyone who contributed, for their inspiring work in our community, their deep commitment and for the tenacious work on this report, which we hereby unconditionally hand over to the community. We encourage everyone to take the time to read the report and reflect on it.

As a first step in the process of implementation we invite you to the first of a series of community conversations:

Thursday May 19 from 17:00-20:00, The Willem

  • History of the Report and Response by O4i and Management
  • Responses to the report by contributors
  • Moderated panel discussion
  • Drinks


If you have questions about the report, the response or the process, please direct them to education manager Miriam Bestebreurtje