Graduation Show 2018, Print Kiosk

Jul 5 2018 Jul 8 2018
Social Practices

Print Kiosk

You come to the outpost, which will be open from 11–14h every day.

You pick what you want from a list of reading material on Beyond Social, volunteers will be there to help.

You press print.

You collate.

You pick one of the pre-printed RISO covers designed by Hardworking Goodlooking.

You staple/fasten stuff together.

You have built your own catalogue.

Regular Outpost Hours

July 5–8 (Thursday to Sunday)


WdKA, Blaak Building.
Stairwell leading to the basement, by the red lockers.

What will be printed at the Print Kiosk?

We are setting up a print queue page on Beyond Social website where people can construct their own graduation show “catalogue,” which will include the ff material for print:

  • Student works in the graduation show Information regarding each student’s graduation work is being uploaded by students themselves on the Beyond Social platform.
  • Student theses nominated for the Research/Thesis Award
  • Gap Year Reading List /Shadow Library

The GYRL will be a collection of essays, excerpts, and other etceteras suggested by the teachers of Social Practice and other friends of WdKA. The prompt for sending in material to the reading list: If any of these students should choose to do nothing for a gap year, what is the essential reading they should take with them? The tutors can suggest essays or other research written by themselves or anyone else, newspaper clippings, meme collections, parts of books and any other relevant etceteras. Each item from the GYRL will be printed five times per day, after which it will be removed from the reading list print queue if it does not specify it is for free distribution. According to the samizdat rule of thumb, an item can be considered published once five copies of it have been printed and distributed. Student works will be printed in unlimited copies, while paper/ink supply lasts.