Presenting & Perceiving the Photographic Image

Dec 6 2018

Thursday, 6 December 2018

18:30 – 23:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut, 25 Museumpark

On December 6 2018, the third year Photography students invite everyone to participate in the symposium, Presenting & Perceiving the Photographic Image.

In today’s society we are all senders and readers of images, but how do you know if the image you have sent out is perceived in the way you had intended it? The context will influence the way the image is understood. Viewer's background will impact the way the image is perceived. And sometimes unintended use and abuse of your images will cause (un)intended consequences or give them the new value.

A group of young creatives seeks to better understand the psychological and political aspect of image making and consuming.

For the symposium, they have invited Anook Cleonne, Hans Poel, Edwin Gardner, Cuny Janssen and Astrid Cats, who will share their expertise on three different topics related to how we see and perceive images. Selected works of students of the Photography department at WdKA will be presented and discussed by the experts. The audience is welcome to contribute by sharing their interpretation of the exhibited work.

The symposium will take place at Het Nieuwe Instituut on 6 December starting at 18.30. There is a limited amount of places, make sure to sign up on time.

Poster design by Jorijn de Jonge