North Sea Jazz Poster Competition 2024

Fri 1 Dec

On July 12, 13, and 14, 2024 the 47th edition the NN North Sea Jazz Festival will take place in Rotterdam. This year it will be for the 19th time that there is a competition for the NN North Sea Jazz Festival Artposter among the students of the Willem de Kooning Academy. By now the Artposter has become a yearly recurring element of the festival. The first Artposter dates back to 1981. 


In this competition there are three prizes to be won: First prize: 500,- euro, Second prize: 350,- euro, Third prize: 250,- euro. Next to this money prize the 3 winners will receive an invitation to the Festival for 2 people for three days.


There will be an exhibition at the NN North Sea Jazz Festival 2024 venue of 15 posters, including the three prizewinners, selected by a jury consisting of members of the NN North Sea Jazz Festival and Mojo Concerts. The winning design will get printed as a poster and on a T-shirt and will be sold at the Festival’s merchandise stands. It is not a streetposter, but a collectable that also will be presented as a gift to the guests of the Festival and to the Press.


On november 2nd the three prizewinning designs will be chosen by the jury, together with the selection of a total of 15 posterdesigns for the exhibition.  The jury consists a.o. of Michelle Kuypers (Program-manager NN North Sea jazz), Junior van der Stel (Communication-manager NN North Sea jazz) en Hans Pols (Designer/owner Bureau Barite) and Ferry van Leeuwen (Financial Project Manager Mojo). The 15 nominees of this year are: Norah Severien, Sarri Panayio, Zara Koops, Esther Gimbri, Anne Vromant, Jasper Hijweege, Bouke ten Broek, Garcia Sara, Elysa Donk, Isa van Velsen, Luuk op den Drink, Virginia Schröder, Sam Poels, Daniele Hmelnicka, Barbato Roberto. These students were guided by a teaching team consisting of Mark Mulder, Rick Vermeulen, Nino Maissouradze, Hilary Buruma and Loes Sikkes.


On November 30, the three winners were announced by the jury during the award ceremony in de Willem. The first prize was claimed by Barbato Roberto, followed closely by Zara Koops securing the second prize, and the third prize going to Bauke ten Broek. Traditionally, only the top design earned the honour of being featured on a T-shirt, but this year, the jury had a surprise in store. They handpicked three additional designs—by Isa van Velsen, Elysa Donk, and Luuk op den Drink—to be printed on T-shirts too. These T-shirts will be for sale during the festival in July.

Each winner not only received a cash prize but also had the honor of taking home 2 sets of 3-day tickets to the NN North Sea Jazz Festival. It's not just about recognition; it's an invitation to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere they contributed to.

Congratulations to all!