North Sea Jazz art poster competition 2022

Fri 3 Jun

This year’s winner of the annual North Sea Jazz art poster competition is Lara Sari, a first year Graphic Design student at WdKA.

The art poster competition is held among students of Rotterdam’s Willem de Kooning Academy to give new talent a platform. From the 115 submissions, 15 posters got nominated for the award. These 15 posters will be exhibited during the North Sea Jazz Festival in Ahoy (July 8-10) and North Sea Round Town Festival (from June 30th to July 10th) at Wester Paviljoen.

Lara’s poster will be a true collectors item. The design is available for sale in the merchandise stands at the festival, both in the form of a poster and a T-shirt.


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The North Sea Jazz art poster competition is part of an elective: a 1 week course where students get the assignment to make a poster for North Sea Jazz Festival. “During the course I got inspired by one of the examples that was shown to us, a record album cover from Reid Miles called Jutta Hipp. I started experimenting with drawing designs in the same ritmic and colorful design, and came up with this final poster”, says Lara. “Since I was a kid, I was already drawing all the time. After high school I didn’t know what to study yet exactly, so I followed the Preparatory Course at WdKA. That’s when I found my passion for Graphic Design. This poster was one of my first projects, so to me it is amazing that I won this competition. My life changed enormously in the last few months. I started studying at WdKA, found a place to live in Rotterdam, got to know so many inspiring and creative people and places and I won this competition! I couldn’t be happier and I truly feel like a winner in so many ways.”

On June 30th, the award night will take place where number 2 and 3 price winners of 2022 will be announced. Due to the cancellation of the award show in 2020 and 2021 because of covid restrictions, the winners from the past three years will also be given their award in person.

The event will take place in the Wester Paviljoen (Mathenesserlaan 157) and is open for public from 20:00. It will be a night full of music performances and celebration. Also, all the nominated poster designs from the past three years are being exhibited here from June 24th to July 10th.

click on the pictures below for full size