Miriam Rasch coordinator Research Station wins Socrates Cup 2021

Thu 8 Apr

Friday April 2,2021  Miriam Rasch (coordinator Research Station) was awarded the Socrates Cup 2021 (Socratesbeker) with her essay Friction. Ethics in Times of Dataism 

Today’s world is dominated by information gathering, and because everything is understood and described in terms of data, it has come to rule our lives. But how can we live freely in this world of comprehensive digitisation that predicts our every move? Rasch searches for alternative ways of thinking about ourselves and our environment that will free us from the binary restrictions of 0s and 1s.

"Data thrives on action, it assembles around bustling centres of activity, streets, stations, the airport. Faces scanned, gestures classified – nervous, aggressive, neutral – telephone signals tracked and vetted. If I leave my home I cannot avoid being translated into data, my body and mind cooperating with the machinery of datafication. If I don’t want to be a part in this, I’ll have to go back inside." (source



We congratulate her on winning this prestigious award.
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