Let's Stay in Touch || Share your story online with us!

Willem de Kooning Academy
Fri 20 Nov

Let's stay in touch || Share your story online with us!

Through our website and socials, we provide the opportunity of sharing how you are coping with these ongoing surreal circumstances. Would you like to share your story about working from home routine - the downsides, perks and hacks; your insights, discoveries and achievements in online education?
Your findings and thoughts about the state of things and what it may mean for the future of humanity, Earth, education, ethics, communities, businesses, technology, art and design etc.?

Then the Academy's Instagram, Facebook and website are ready to provide platforms and time for sharing, depending on the size and depth of the content. Please, don't hesitate to contact both Carmen and Xenia for assistance if you are interested in an Instagram Take Over, publishing an essay or hosting an online tutorial, debate or event.