Graduation Show Awards 2023 - Nominees

Tue 4 Jul


The Drempelprijs has been awarded annually since 1962 by the Municipality of Rotterdam (Gemeente Rotterdam) to one or more graduates of the Willem de Kooning Academy. Originally, the prize was awarded only to fine art graduates; since 1968 applied arts graduates have also been eligible. The prize is an incentive award, with a nice sum of money: € 5,000. In the WdKA’s  curriculum, the traditional distinction between fine art and applied work is no longer considered relevant. Since 2014, the Drempelprijs awarded to students within the three graduation profiles: Autonomous, Social and Commercial practices and the Honours Programme.

The Drempelprijs ceremony will take place on Saturday July 8 17:00 at the Graduation Show.

Nominees, Autonomous Practices

DBKV: Vincent Coppen

Spatial Design: Kenza Beddek

Illustration: Ellie Mc Guinness

Transformation Design: Lieve Postulart

(De)fine Art / Dual Degree: Luna Bongers

Fashion Design: Guusje Verbaarschot

Animation: Lorenzo Bacchin

Audiovisual Design: Sebastiaan Verbeeten

Photography: Giovanni Benetello

Photography: Mick Santman

Nominees, Commercial Practices

Advertising & Beyond: Christiaan Gritt

Spatial Design: Hyeri Seo

Illustration / Dual Degree: Alana Wieland & Louise Wieland

Product Design: Moritz Liedtke

Product Design: Jake Lalor Zakrzewski

Fashion Design: Nelson Chio

Fashion Design: Berke Taslidere

Audiovisual Design: Floris van Laethem

Graphic Design: Nadine Ritzema

Photography: Arend Verbrugh

Product Design: Quin Scholten

Niki Galvez Leferink

Nominees, Social Practices

Advertising & Beyond: Gijs Grimm

DBKV: Brigitte Boekhout

DBKV: Benjamin Schermer

DBKV: Rosalinde van Malkenhorst

Spatial Design: Mari-Lynn Kievit

Illustration: Anita Karabašić

Transformation Design: Anaïs Clements

(De)fine Art: Hayen Kim

Animation: Meta Laitko

Animation: Emilé Juodzevičiūtė

Audiovisual Design: Jacob Alcala

Graphic Design: Tetske Felen

Photography: Uedia Ballijn

Nominees, Honours Programme

Illustration: Robin Groeneveld

Transformation Design: Saran Munnichs

(De)fine Art: Ari Ralph

Product Design: Federico Ramírez

Fashion Design: Victoria McGuire

Animation: Naomi Kortleven

Audiovisual Design: Kirwin Lonwijk

Photography: Vincent Zanni

Graphic Design: Sadie Girigorie

Advertising & Beyond: Lumi Pulkkinen (eye juice)

Research Awards

The Willem de Kooning Research Award was established by the Willem de Kooning Foundation in 2015 to emphasise the central role of art and design research within the newly introduced curriculum.  The Willem de Kooning Research Awards are no prizes for just theses or research documents but for projects merging theory and practice where art or design work is a vital part of the research. The Awards are granted to Bachelor and Master graduation projects that combine theoretical and field research with artistic research and which provide new insights to broader audiences of experts and the public at large.

The Research Awards ceremony will take place on Saturday July 8 17:00 at the Graduation Show.

Nominees Bachelor

Fleur Wortman (Social Practices)

 Uedia Ballijn (Social Practices)

Jessyca Mendes Belarmino (Social Practices)

Mari-Lynn Kievit (Social Practices)

Marjolein van der Valk (Social Practices)

Max Rohu (Autonomous Practices)

Iris van Velzen (Autonomous Practices)

Lorenzo Bacchin (Autonomous Practices)

Bobbie van Leeuwen (Autonomous Practices)

Elio Contangelo (Honours Programme)

Lisa Zakharova (Honours Programme)

Sadie Girigorie (Honours Programme)

Berke Taslidere (Commercial Practices)

Nelson Chio (Commercial Practices)

Christiaan Grit (Commercial Practices)

Jonah Sluimer (Commercial Practices)

Myung Feyen (Docent Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving)

Remty Elenga (Docent Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving)

Nominees Master

To be announced