Graduation 2018, Director’s Hub

Jul 5 2018 Jul 8 2018

Meet the film directors of the Willem de Kooning Academy at the Directors Hub! Simply come by to chill, grab a programme leaflet at the information desk and have a chat (especially at 4 o’clock) with WdKA’s fresh filmmakers. Watch film clips and listen to stories. You’ll leave the academy happily-ever-after with their daily schedule:

11:00 Directors serving coffee
Have a speed date with the filmmakers while they serve you coffee. What better way to start your day!
13:00 AV-Club readings
Follow lectures about animation, fiction, documentary and performance. Learn more about the wondrous world of sound and moving images.
14:00 Questions & Answers
Satisfy your curiosity during the Q&A’s with the new generation of directors.
16:00 Filmbites
Meet up for an in-depth-hang-session with your favourite director while watching film clips and trailers of their films.

Auodiovisual Design

Denice Zwiers
Annigje Peters
Manouk Moreau
Mikki Sindhunata
Koen Dijkstra
Filipo Ficozzi
Guus Voorham
Joost Smith
Eduard Grob
Esmee van Loon
Marieke Widlak
Marijn van der Ploeg


Brontë Kolster
Robert-Jonathan Koeyers
Pam Laenen
Nora Höppener
Parisa Sabet
Lucas Flaton


Cover image: Marijn van der Ploeg, a still from graduation movie