The First Winner of the North Sea Jazz Poster Competition 2019

Willem de Kooning Academy
Mon 4 Feb

Since the North Sea Jazz Festival had moved to Rotterdam in 2006, its annual Art Poster Competition has turned into a tradition! The Art Poster Competition is held among students of Rotterdam’s Willem de Kooning Academy; the work of all finalists is usually exhibited at the festival.

After a long and intense discussion, we have a winner of First Prize of the North Sea Jazz Art Poster Competition:

Noona Paul (Graphic Design)

The Jury has also selected 14 posters that will accompany the First Prize winner in the exhibition at the North Sea Jazz Festival and in Jazz Cafe Dizzy. In this selection, the second and third winners will also be present. The names of these two winners will be announced at the opening of the exhibition in July in Jazz Cafe Dizzy.

And the 14 other selected works by the jury:

Geeske Boudestein
Valentine Calvar
Mila Zhiznevskaya
Demi Meijer
Annie Hall
Quin Scholten
Tirza Mol
Vincent Boon
Mats Cornegoor
Guus van der Putten
Honorata van den Akker
Aleksandra Bokova
Lulu Stephens
Madelief Severin

Click here for an overview of art posters from previous years.

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