Filmfonds Wildcard Winners 2018: Robert-Jonathan Koeyers & Marieke Widlak

Willem de Kooning Academy
Mon 1 Oct

The Film Fund Wildcards is an incentive award from the Netherlands Film Fund for young talented filmmakers who have recently graduated from a film or art academy. The Film Fund awards Wildcards every year. The winners of this award will be given the opportunity to make a new film without restrictions under the guidance of a producer and a coach. This way the Fund wants to encourage the new talented professionals to take their first steps in the field. The films will premiere during the next edition of the Dutch Film Festival.

The Filmfonds Wildcards 2018 were presented at the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht on October the 1st. The winners of the Film Fund Wildcard have received € 50,000 each for a new documentary, fiction or animated film.

We are proud to announce that two out of six winners are our 2018 graduates. Congratulations, Robert-Jonathan Koeyers (Category Animation) & Marieke Widlak (Category Documentary)!