Extremism in Visual Culture

Mar 13 2019
Lectures by Artur Beifuss & Florian Cramer

Join us for two lectures as a part of a session that concerns extremist popular visual culture in the classroom.

Artur Beifuss, Branding Terror

How do terrorist groups market their cause - given that few people really want to die? Artur Beifuss will show which sophisticated means terrorist organisations are using to spread their messages. The focus of his talk will be on jihadism and the popular visual culture it has created. He sees a role for designers, advertising creatives, and branding consultants in combating the ideology of terrorism by ‘normalising’ it.

Florian Cramer: Racist Bots & Memes

Can you spot the antisemitic meme in Twitter messages on EU politics? How can a Microsoft chatbot be turned into Neonazi AI within 24 hours? How do racist social media conspiracy theories translate into everyday life, including your classroom? Florian Cramer's presentation will take the extreme right as an example of extremist ideas, in the disguise of jokes, irony and transgression, have become entangled with technology, popular visual culture and everyday life.

Wednesday, March 13, 15:00–18:00
Wijnhaven 107, 5th Floor