ELIA and ETHO Join Forces

Mon 20 Jan

The European Art Schools network ELIA has joined forces with the technical network group ETHO, by signing a memorandum of understanding on January 9, 2020. With over 250 members in 47 countries, ELIA represents some 300.000 students in all art disciplines.

ETHO is a network of higher art education technical staff. Established in 2016, their aim is to advance hands-on learning and innovation in all artistic disciplines through an inclusive community. ELIA and ETHO share the aim of empowering higher arts education and facilitating the exchange of best practices. The ELIA Representative Board and ELIA team welcome ETHO which will function as a platform within the ELIA network, similar to PIE (Platform for Internationalisation ELIA).

Core Group Members of ETHO

  • Abid Qayum, Royal College of Art (Chair of ETHO Core Group)
  • Tapio Koskinen, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Networking and Communication)
  • Bart Vissers, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
  • Aldje van Meer, Willem de Kooning Academy
  • Liesbeth van der Geest, Willem de Kooning Academy
  • Maria Angela Algar Peter, Zurich University of the Arts
  • Noesjka Klomberg, St. Joost Academy

ETHO holds two annual events: one, enabling technical staff to share knowledge across the network; and the second aimed at technical leaders focused on the strategic development of technical services.

4th ETHO Annual Meeting in Hannover

The next ETHO event takes place during the annual ELIA Meeting, 26-27 March 2020 in Hannover (Germany). This event will be aimed specifically at (workshop) technicians at art schools throughout Europe. More info: 4th ETHO Annual Meeting in Hannover, Testing Lab – Let Material be First.

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