Arieke van Liere Wins Maaskant Award 2018

Willem de Kooning Academy
Fri 23 Nov

About this award

The Rotterdam based architect H.A. Maaskant had initiated the Maaskant Award for the Willem de Kooning Academy students in 1969 in order to stimulate young artists and designers in their professional development. The Maaskant Award worth € 4000,- is a grant for a recently graduated student of the academy. The main condition for this nomination is that the nominee relates with her/his project to a global context and, therefore, is not limited by geographical boundaries or discipline and matches the academy's concept of a Creating Pioneer.

The nominees

Nash Caldera, Puck Litaay, Eliza Bordeaux, Arieke van Liere, Rümeysa Önal, Anne Pater, Robert-Jonathan Koeyers, Caio Vita Silveira.

Maaskant Award 2018

This time we have invited all the participants of the 15th ELIA conference to vote for the project that is best in line with Maaskant Award criteria. The project Nederl-Anders (Arieke van Liere) with the highest number of votes has won the Maaskant Award, worth €4.000,-. This was announced during the closing ceremony on Friday, November 23rd.


Arieke van Liere is the winner of the Maaskant Award 2018. Photography: Michèle van Vliet