Aanmoedigingsprijs Cultureel Ondernemerschap 2022: the winners.

Wed 26 Apr

Last night, the award ceremony of the 'Aanmoedigingsprijs Cultureel Ondernemerschap' took place, where the two winners of 2022 were announced.

The 'Aanmoedigingsprijs Cultureel Ondernemerschap' (former 'Henri Winkelman Award) is an initiative of the Stichting Ondernemersbelangen Rotterdam. Their purpose is to represent the interests - in the broadest sense - of small and medium-sized businesses in the Rotterdam City Region. The foundation's target group includes independent entrepreneurs, representatives of entrepreneurs, conferences and meetings, as well as secondary social and cultural projects. The foundation supports entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses that need an extra financial boost to support their growth and success. Read more...

In collaboration with WdKA, the foundation supports young innovative entrepreneurs by annually handing out a €10.000 and a €5.000 price to a WdKA alumni. The jury members of this year were(non-voting) chair Erik Pals (director of the Scapino Ballet and board member of Stichting Ondernemersbelangen Rotterdam), Daniël de Keizer (owner of music consultancy Eighty5ive), D’Avellonne van Dijk & Loulou Drinkwaard (founders Uitgeverij Wilde Haren) en Marianne Splint (director of de Kunsthal).

And the winners are...

This year, on behalf of Willem de Kooning Academy and Rotterdam Entrepreneurial Interests Foundation, the jury may once again award two prizes to two talented and promising creative entrepreneurs. The prize serves to crown, encourage and support the development of these candidates.

Second prize

The second prize, worth 5,000 euros, will go to a candidate whom the jury would like to encourage to further develop her business strategy in order to strengthen her position as a creator and entrepreneur within the complex industry in which she operates. The jury is impressed by this entrepreneur's ambitious and progressive vision. Her innovative technique has managed to convince the jury and they are eager to see how this technique is developed into a successful application. The jury encourages her to continue with this and establish collaborations with other talented professionals in order to realize her ambitious goals.

After careful deliberation, the jury decided to award the second prize of the Cultural Entrepreneurship Incentive Prize worth 5,000 euros to Ilfa Siebenhaar.

Main Prize

Finally, the winner of the main prize worth 10,000 euros. The jury was completely blown away by the unique combination of textual and visual talent of this entrepreneur.
The jury is impressed by the impactful collaborations that this entrepreneur, in the short time since she graduated, has already managed to achieve. Her work is of great value to the city, which she draws much inspiration from and has encouraged her to develop into the authentic and talented creator that she is.

With this award, the jury wants to encourage this entrepreneur to broaden her horizons and expand her market as an entrepreneur on an (inter)national level. The jury believes she has great potential for this and look forward to her further development.

The winner of the Cultural Entrepreneurship 2022 Incentive Award is Amber Rahantoknam, or AMBIGOU.