Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design

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The Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design, MIARD at the Piet Zwart Institute is a post-graduate international program that is part of the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. MIARD is a nationally accredited course with a focus on practice-based research and critical spatial strategies in the field of interior architecture. The two-year program (120 ECTS) is multidisciplinary, and students earn a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree.

The curriculum is multidisciplinary and integrated. We explore a range of topical themes, methods, tools, and formats to educate students to think creatively about practice and modes of production in the context of architecture, interiors, design, and art amid a theoretical, cultural and historical framework. Writing, reading, and dialogue are viewed as forms of research. While navigating media and technologies imaginatively as a way to materialize and circulate projects to broader audiences. These creative explorations influence and shape a student's self-directed methodology. The first year of the course establishes relevant research and design skills that prepare students to work on their Graduation Project in the second year. All classes are taught in English. Curriculum modules include — Thematic Design Projects, Critical Strategies, Multiple Media, and Graduation Project.

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Photography: Chiara Catalina

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Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design

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