SSH-Short stay

The Hogeschool Rotterdam/Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers a number of possibilities for short stay renting in one of three buildings: Hatta, Erasmus International House and Robert Baeldestraat. Rental prices range from  €475 to  €715 per month depending on the building and size of the room. These rooms are offered by SSH, the largest provider of student accommodations in the Netherlands. Student residents can stay for a maximum of 1 year. After this period, you should find a room or apartment on the private market; see Alternative Housing Providers. The SSH short stay accommodation includes a furnished bedroom (bed, desk, chair, closet and lamp) and you will share the kitchen and bathroom with one or two other students (depending on the unit).

Alternative housing providers

As RUAS is unable to offer rooms to all of our international students, some of you will have to look for a room on the private market. Take a look for more information about alternative housing options in Rotterdam.

Important: Finding housing in Rotterdam can be ridiculously hard and there’s a minefield of scams to dodge along the way. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful!

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Tips from WdKA students

Check out some tips from current WdKA students on our WdKA Youtube Channel

Read more on the housing website of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS).

Rent allowance (huurtoeslag)

In some cases the tax authorities provide rent allowance.

You can only receive housing allowance for an independent living space. Such as a flat, a studio or a terraced house. An independent home has at least these 4 properties: your own living room/bedroom your own kitchen with sink, supply and drainage for water and a connection point for a stove a private toilet with flushing water a private entrance door that you can lock from the inside and outside Do you share the toilet or kitchen with other tenants? Then it is not an independent house.

Your rent should not be too high: it may not exceed €879.66 in 2024. Are all residents under the age of 23? In that case, the rent may not exceed €454.47, unless you already have a child who lives with you. Then the rent may still be € 879.66.

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