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A Versatile Artist

Remty Elenga
Fri 2 Feb
Function Artist, co-owner REM atelier
Year 2012
Major (de)Fine Art
Practice Autonomous Practices

What is your occupation now?

I work as an artist in multiple ways. The work I create under my own name Remty Elenga is mostly image-based: photography and video works in which I play with different layers of reality and representation. This fascination also shines through in my collaborative work with REM atelier, together with designer Remco van Halderen we create sculptures and installations in which the perception and functionality of an object are explored. The investigation into everyday objects, playfulness and spatial awareness characterize our work with REM Atelier. The works never merely serve to decorate a space. Rather they create an alternate space, subjecting the surroundings to the artwork.

Being an Fine Art student just meant you could basically touch and try everything.

What expertise did you gain at WdKA?

How to reflect and be critical towards your own idea’s, and also towards other peoples work and ideas. Not only is this a good test case to find out how to present yourself and your work once you are out there in the ‘real’ world, it also puts a focus on how you observe and reflect on the things happening around you. Also, WdKA was a great place for experimenting with material and its possibilities because of all the workshops that are provided there. Being a Fine Art student just meant you could basically touch and try everything.

What is the future of your profession in your opinion?

My practice could be an example of boundaries that are fading between different art forms, as with REM atelier we both move in the art- and design field. It wasn’t intended like this at the beginning but I think it’s a sign that the market’s interests are shifting too. People are not so scared anymore to move from one field to another, combining different qualifications together. Everything is very direct now, and self-presentation so important. The internet era has put it all out there.

Winner Henri Winkelman Award 2017

'REM atelier is the winner of 2017 Henri Winkelman Award. REM atelier ’s artwork features research of everyday objects that results in creating of playful spatial awareness.'

You never leave your house without…? Besides your laptop or smartphone :).

Carmex lip balm. You can’t buy it here, I always have to stack up in the UK or America, but it’s the only balm that works for me. And my agenda! My agenda is my head. It becomes bigger every year, if I accidentally leave this A4 sized Moleskine somewhere, I am lost. I need to make lists of everything, I have a chaotic mind, making lists and writing down the week calms me down. I literally don’t know how my week looks like if I don’t have my agenda by my side.

Any words of advice to future students?

Yes, go on exchange! In my third year at WdKA, I did a half year Erasmus exchange to London and it was great. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and expand your network. Having to deal with a new environment really pushes your work for the best too. And I still have friends from all over the world whom I met over there. So don’t fuss about the paperwork, get over it and go.

Name your favourite recent project

I really loved The Wet Wet Wanderer installation that was created by Laure Provost for Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art as part of their Para|Fictions series. Winner of the Turner Prize a couple of years ago, she creates fascinating installations combining collage, decor and video.