Born @ WdKA
Spatial Design

Our Studio Is Running 24/7

From Form
Mon 1 Jan
Function Founders of design and film studio
Year 2011
Major Spatial Design
Practice Commercial Practices

We are From Form, a Rotterdam-based design and film studio founded by Jurjen Versteeg (Audiovisual Design 2011) and Ashley Govers (Spatial Design 2011).

We are From Form

We are passionate about working across print, spatial and film, and our projects include set design and photography, commercials, title sequences and graphics.

The common thread that runs through our creative approach is our interest in building worlds based on meticulous attention to detail. We constantly explore different materials, textures, forms and processes. These experiments help us create immersive visual experiences that come to life on screen, on paper or in a 3D space. We often combine digital and analogue approaches within the same project to create playful, engaging and memorable work.

Are you inspired by the same thing?

Ashley: We often have these moment when we look at each other and can read each others thoughts. These moments can feel scary synchronised. Overall we really like the same things and share the same vision of what we want to make and achieve.

Jurjen: At the same time, our different backgrounds also make us see one thing from a different perspective. For instance, Ashley can point me at a beautiful constructed table or great architecture. While I notice the beauty in spatial or framed compositions.

What is your favorite WdKA memory?

Ashley: In our second year we had to make a scale model of a self-created building. Mine looked very experimental for a building but I was really proud of it.  We brought this to our drawing lessons and made lots of drawings of it. But before that, everyone had to smash their models against the wall so it would not look ‘perfect’. I was astonished. I felt really inspired by these drawing lessons where I learned to cherish imperfections, a lesson I still try to use each day.

Jurjen: So many! But giving it more thought, I am mostly remember the freedom I felt. Classmates becoming friends and just making tons of small (and big) projects. And all with the same amount of commitment. Be it doing programming classes with Theo Watson or making our own balcony BBQ in the metal workshop. I didn’t feel limited in any way and just fooled around a lot!

How did your collaboration start?

We met in Rotown during a classic Thursday night and after a year or so, we started working together during school projects.

Jurjen: The confirmation of our collaboration lies within my graduation film A History of the Title Sequence. The production scale was very small, it was done by the two of us. It all felt really comfortable. In this project, we started to notice how our different backgrounds complemented each other in the world of film & set design.

How did your collaboration become a success?

Actually, it all went very naturally. We have a clear idea of the things we want to do and the direction we want to head in. We also have a lot of conversations about the projects we want to do and goals we’re striving for. Since we’re also a couple, the studio is running 24/7 ;).


A History Of The Title Sequence

Are you pioneers?

No, we don’t see ourselves that way. But we try to be the pioneers of our own studio. Meaning that we’re always looking for a new way of approaching a project, helping our studio to make steps forward and avoid repeating the same thing over and over.

What is the future of your profession in your opinion?

We do believe that a lot of disciplines start to overlap nowadays. It’s no surprise that a school like WdKA has changed its curriculum and provides overlapping and flexible courses. We think that a strong creative vision will “survive” within this changing field. Coming up with original ideas and experimenting with these different disciplines.


WdKA: Creating Pioneers, a succesfull collaboration with alma mater.

You never leave your house without…?

Ashley: Something to eat in case Jurjen gets hungry.

Jurjen: Ashley, because she brings food which I forget.

Any words of advice to future students?

EXPERIMENT! We believe that art school is the best place to experiment the hell out of yourself! Use all the workshops there are at the academy. Try out different techniques and different styles. When you try to see it as one big playground, you'll dare to experiment a lot more. Don’t limit yourself to certain expectations or trying to look “professional”, whatever that means. There will be plenty of time for that after graduation :).

Name your favorite recent project.

Last year we were Designers in Residence for Into The Great Wide Open festival. We designed the whole visual communication of the festival, from animated teasers, wrist bands, stage design, posters to merchandise. When we arrived at the island during the festival, we saw that everything connected. That was such an awesome moment!

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