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Leisure & Events Management

SOOF: Events & Communication

Sofie den Dulk
Fri 9 Nov
Function SOOF: Owner & Event Manager
Year 2013
Major Leisure & Events Management

What is your occupation now?

I have been an entrepreneur for almost six years, working mainly as an event manager at my own company, SOOF. Usually, I work on behalf of an organisation that hires me for a specific project or an event. My field of interest is very broad, so I am often involved in many projects of great diversity, which I like very much.

Last year I have been working as a marketer at De Dutch Don’t Dance Division, have set up my own concept for Feest aan Zee in The Hague, and I have managed the production of MINDF*CK Live in AFAS Live, which is my most challenging project ever that I’m proud of.

In addition, I work at WdKA, teaching Leasure & Event Management, the major that I had completed five years ago myself. It is incredibly inspiring to work with my students, sharing the experience.

What expertise did you gain at WdKA?

Mainly the ability to combine the study with the stuff that I liked and found interesting, events and communication. It gave me the opportunity to participate in projects and build up a network, which I still benefit from. Before my graduation, I had already been working as a freelance event manager at SOOF and from the very beginning, I have always been busy. One more thing: I had learned to set up projects and work in a team towards a certain goal (= event).

De Dutch Don't Dance Division Alice in Winter Wonderland Trailer 2018 Final (Photography cover: Studio Oostrum)

Favourite WdKA memory?

Hmm, difficult. I think the projects abroad :).

What is the future of your profession in your opinion?

I think sustainability is going to play an important role in the leisure and event sector. This may sound like a contradiction: an event is by definition unsustainable because of its temporary character. It is actually insane if you consider what is being built up for just three days of Lowlands Festival, or King's Day, a one-day event.
In near future, both the general and event organisers will have to follow a stricter policy with regards to food and drinks, disposable cups and crockery, energy production, waste and materials. In my opinion, the future of event management lies in adapting to the needs of this polluted world and in creating sustainable concepts (literally and figuratively).

You never leave your house without…?

I prefer not to carry anything with me…! But when really needed: my keys, money, phone and laptop. I like to work in places like this one! ---->

Any words of advice to future students?

Do what you like! And try to match it with your study, internships and job as much as possible. Do not see the study as definitive, but as one of the segments of your life that can influence you. Don’t be afraid to make (radical) choices.

Name your favourite recent project.

The past year I worked mainly for MINDF*CK, I was a production manager of 10 shows in MartiniPlaza (Groningen) and AFAS Live (Amsterdam). MINDF*CK Live has been a gigantic, challenging and fun production that I am very proud of!

In addition, I always look back with pleasure at UIT Festival The Hague, the various festivals of ALDA Events (The Best of Armin Only, The Flying Dutch, Amsterdam Music Festival), De Dutch Don’t Dance Division and the organization of the opening of Sportcampus The Hague.

MINDF*CK Live Trailer

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