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Fine Art

MINT Art Collective

Davids Danoss
Sat 12 Sep
Function MINT, founder and producer
Year 2019
Major Fine Art
Practice Autonomous Practices

Nominee Henri Winkelman Award 2020

What is your occupation now?

MINT Video - Founder and video producer. I work on video productions for theatres, festivals, events and extra shoots for individuals.
MINT Podium – Founder and manager, including art event productions, theatre shows, visual art events, music events, film festivals.


MINT is a Rotterdam based art collective focusing on showcasing artists in a versatile manner. We provide an online platform, video-documentation, interviews and good old exhibitions. Our main focus is to give artists the possibility to show their full artistic potential through proper exposure and networking. With this comes the benefit to witness fresh talent made public by MINT.

What did you gain from your study at WdKA?

Art schools are the best tool for your own creative growth. Willem de Kooning Academy has broadened my perception of art, its diversity and its role in human evolution. When you say to a person ‘’I'm studying art’’, they sometimes associate it only with gaining painting or sculpting skills and a future path that literally goes with them.

But the truth is, WdKA and schools alike have built a platform for future thinkers and creative minds, who can think and develop outside the box, and who are the building stones for a brighter and better future. Through my study years at WdKA, I have gained several important qualities and skills and independent thinking is one of them. Tutors would give us a certain assignment or subject, with some additional information and skills/tools requirements and then would give us the room to figure it out how to adapt and develop the subject. Through trial and error, a possibility for original content would emerge. Also, WdKA has a great segment of workshops and tools for your product realisation.
WdKA is also a richly creative community - through years I have met a number of creative minds alike, from different art departments. They are still close friends and colleagues of mine, with whom I can exchange ideas and potentially collaborate in future.

WdKA and schools alike have built a platform for future thinkers and creative minds

Favourite WdKA memory?

Spontaneously arranging Audiovisual room with high-class equipment and just a small idea of the project and having amazing and productive time later, with great film materials for further adaptations as an outcome. Plus, the graduation show was quite nice!

What is the future of your profession in your opinion?

During my studying, I have started MINT - Creative Art Organisation, my plan is to further develop it, build stronger grounds in existing MINT segments and develop new branches in art sectors.

You never leave your house without…?

My Black Book - sketchbook, where I write down information, ideas and sketch some weird drawings.

Any words of advice to future students?

Every one of us is uniquely talented and each of us can develop talent for the world to see. Art schools are not here to make an ‘’artist’’ out of you - whatever that word means, art school is here to give you the necessary tools and knowledge for your further development. So if you feel you've got it, you've got it!


The world is now trying to cope with stress and anxiety caused by COVID 19 pandemic. Everything and everyone seems to undergo radical changes. How does the present situation influence your mindset and your artistic practice?

COVID-19 pandemic took all of us by surprise, some of us got hit harder, some less, but nevertheless we all feel it. It is a bizarre situation and it is still in progress, therefore I can't judge about what we should have done or what we must do, besides taking safety measures, respecting each other and helping each other out in ways we can. Personally, I have been hit under the belt by COVID-19 measures, because MINT operates in within art events, so we have to pause our practice a bit. But still, I got up from the hit relatively fast, so new things will happen soon!

Name your favourite recent project.

Duo expo Perpetual Motion  with Hyunji Jung

Perpetual Motion is based on the WDKA graduation projects of Davids Danoss and Hyunji Jung. This 4-channel audiovisual installation explores the law of the cosmic universe and human consciousness by means of sound and the personification of nature.

MINT Podium Show SWITCH Short Film Festival (Third edition)

SWITCH is an unusual experimental movie night held in Roodkapje Rotterdam for the last two years, giving extra exposure to fresh talents during the time of IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam). 21 films of various genres from filmmakers around the world to blow the spectator's mind.

Future plans and hopes.

Developing my new art project in collaboration with bright minds. And adopting a puppy!