The three competencies we will be looking for in the selection process are listed below. We don’t expect candidates to be fully accomplished in all of these competencies, but we are looking for (early) indicators and potential of these competencies.

  1. Creative ability

  • Basic artistic skills and visual ability.
  • Use of (different) techniques, materials and methods that work for you.
  • Experimental and investigative attitude (exploration in execution and idea.)
  • Idea development.
  • Visibility of personal perspective.
  • Reflection on (design) choices and work.

Can you show us the personal choices and steps you take in your making process and the development of your ideas? Do you show an investigative and curious attitude and experiment with different techniques, materials and mediums? Do you have a personal and unique approach/ expression to topics?

  1. Communicative ability

  • The ability to convey a message through images.
  • Well-presented edit of work.
  • Coherence between text and image.
  • Visibility of the first steps towards an artistic vision.
  • Visibility of interests, fascinations and inspiration.
  • Your personal motivation is clearly evident.

Can you present your work and ideas in a way that that your message is clearly conveyed? Can you show us your passion and fascinations through your visual work and the answers you give us? Can you show us your personal perspective through your work?

  1. Context awareness

  • Interest in art, culture and design.
  • Inquisitive and active attitude towards external environments.
  • Curiosity and interest in societal topics and the world at large.
  • Sense of current trends and developments.

Can you show us how you and your work react to society? How do you relate to the world around you? How and by what do you get inspired? What drives you to make art? What topics are you interested in? Are you interested in developments within and outside of your artistic field? What are your references?