WdKA + Erasmus University College

Double Degree

WDKA / Major and Practices

  • The following majors are possible: Fine Art, Photography, Advertising, Animation, Audiovisual Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Lifestyle, Product Design, Spatial Design. In the first two years, you will focus mostly on your major. More information about Majors and Practices. EUC courses relevant to your studies at WdKA will be included in your study plan for 60EC.
  • Internship. In your third year, you will combine an internship of 15EC in the second semester with courses at EUC.
  • Electives. In your fourth year, you will be able to choose electives relevant to your major.
  • Minor. In your fifth year, you will be able to choose a minor of 30EC. The minor courses are offered as a means to make an in-depth study of a specific aspect of your field of study, or to broaden your professional or artistic scope by gaining skills in related fields of study.
  • Graduation project. You will complete your studies at WdKA in the last semester with your graduation project (15EC).

Erasmus University College (EUC)

  • Academic Core Courses. The Academic Core consists of four academic skills courses and five interdisciplinary courses (45EC in total). The Core is required for all students and is designed to impart essential academic knowledge regarding what every well-educated student should know about life and society. The ACC courses are scheduled in the first and second years of the Double Degree programme. More information about the Academic Core.
  • Major. A major is a cohesive selection of courses, consisting of at least 60EC, that together constitute a specialisation. Erasmus University College offers majors in four different areas: Humanities, Economics & Business, Social & Behavioural Sciences, and Life Sciences. Please note that some of the majors are excluded from the programme, such as for example PPE, the Medical Track or Double Majors. You will take your first major course in the second semester of the second year. More information about the majors offered at EUC.
  • Electives. Instead of electives, you will take courses at Willem de Kooning Academy. This means that 60EC of the required courses at WdKA will be registered as EUC electives. This allows you to graduate from both programmes in five years instead of seven.
  • Capstone (Bachelor Thesis). For every student of Erasmus University College (EUC), the final part of their studies will be the capstone (15EC). The capstone is a research-based project that can take on different forms, depending on a student’s major and preferences. More information about the capstone.