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Sun 10 Dec

portfolio: a collection of drawings, documents, etc. that represent a person's, especially an artist's, work.

Cambridge Dictionary

On your admission day the assessment tutor will expect you to present your portfolio, a selection of 10-15 works that were preceded by a research or creative process.

This could be different works, for example: designs, objects, photos, films, games, animations, fashion (accessories), furniture, models, drawings, posters, campaigns, paintings, usable artifacts and sculptures. You can publish and present your work in a neat traditional portfolio folder, but you can also bring your 3D work in a (cardboard) box or present your digital work on a laptop or tablet.

Your portfolio, sketches and other works that you bring, will provide us with the insights in your attitude, creativity and skills. Please make sure you do your best to show both your full capacity and potential, as well as personal and specific fascination for preferred major and/or preferences for materials, techniques, themes, concepts, etc.

Apart from portfolio and sketches, we encourage you to share with us any other things that you have created. Make a careful selection between the two. This will help us to assess to what extent you possess the insight in your own qualities and  work.

On admission days, we will look for and assess:

  • your expressive and creative abilities;
  • your feeling for colour, form and material;
  • originality and inventiveness in your work.

Would you like to know more about assembling and presenting your portfolio, please visit our Portfolio Checklist page. On this page you will find information regarding the admission test necessities and portfolio viewing and evaluation criteria. No idea where to start? Learn to create and expand your portfolio during our Preparatory Courses.

If you have a small portfolio at the moment, you can use these assignments to build it up further.


Cover image: Sofie van Esch, portfolio session during Open Day

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