BlueCity Lab

BlueCity Lab invites nature back at our table, to tackle local and global issues like climate change, waste, growing world population and increasing scarcity of resources around the world. BlueCity Lab is a part of the BlueCity Network, an ecosystem of entrepreneurs who connect their business plans, products and waste streams together. BlueCity believes that the challenge requires us to enter a new relationship with nature, which in fact has already designed everything for us. The linear economy shifts to a circular economy in which bio-design has found its way.

Together BlueCity Lab and WdKA offer a special programme for the students based on the principles of bio-design and circular economy. BlueCity Lab facilitates a Wet-, Dry-, and Taste Lab to explore the new ways of making and creating materials and products based on blue economy principles. The lab lowers the threshold for anyone who wants to practice biotechnology in an environment where it doesn’t matter what background you have as long as you are willing to collaborate.

Photography Sophie de Vos