Recrafting Craft

Mascha van Zijverden
Sat 8 Sep
An Exploration of Speculative Scenarios for Tomorrow’s Fashion Education

Recrafting Craft © 2018
Developed by Hybrid Publishing,
Willem de Kooning Academy
All rights reserved
ISBN 978-94-92479-06-8

This publication is the sequel to the research Recrafting Craft, a Synergy of Crafts within Fashion Design Education at Art Schools in the Netherlands (2016), which analysed the gap between the current fashion industry and higher education in the field of fashion. In addition to that study, a series of speculative scenarios for tomorrow’s fashion education were developed, which are an invitation to reflect upon the implementation of new digital crafts in fashion workshops and in the related curricula. These rudimentary scenarios provide a foundation for developing alternatives outside of art schools in order to bring about real sustainable innovation within today’s fashion education.

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Preface: José Teunissen
Research and introduction: Mascha van Zijverden
Scenarios: Dirk Osinga
Illustrations: George Bohle
Essays: Bibi Straatman and Oscar Tomico
Editor: Renée Turner
Copy editing: Johanna Monk
Coordinators: Loes Sikkes and Kimmy Spreeuwenberg
Design and development: Megan Hoogenboom
Printed by: Newspaper Club
Cover printed by: Veenman+