Meat Market

Daisy Thijssen
Tue 22 May

Meat Market © 2017
Developed by Hybrid Publishing,
Willem de Kooning Academy
Text © Daisy Thijssen (
Photography © Adobe Stock
All rights reserved
ISBN 978-94-92479-03-7

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Meat Market aims to raise awareness of meat that was not obtained from conventionally slaughtered animals. By turning animals into unrecognisable products, we strip away the layer of cultured nostalgia we project on them. At the same time, we go on wasting meat from healthy and consumable animals because we deem it socially unacceptable. Meat Market addresses the following questions: ‘Why does an average Dutch dinner have to contain meat?’, ‘Where does this desire for meat and its overconsumption come from?’, and ‘Why do we eagerly consume pigs and cows, but balk at the idea of consuming veal or horse?’

Editors: Daisy Thijssen and Renée Turner
Coordinator: Kimmy Spreeuwenberg
Web design and art direction: Silvio Lorusso
Design: Niels Vrijdag
Printed by: Pantheon drukkers

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